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ESCOVAR is a self produced Independent Rapper from The Bronx, New York. 

Born to American parents during a time when Hip Hop was still fresh full of rich raw culture. All elements of Hip Hop are expressed through Escovar.

Escovar first began recording music when he was 19 years old in Orlando Florida, He took to the streets selling drugs to pay for studio time, which ended up being what pulled him into a life of crime in and out of jails and ultimately prison.

Early years are documented, public record via an extensive crime sheet, of mostly drug related offenses. From Orlando, Florida to Maryland.

Escovar's music was the soundtrack to the movie of the life he was living as a somewhat discreet East Coast drug runner.

ESCOVAR boasts of his past life as a proud wounded warrior of the streets. His most recent run in with the law was a RICO case which prompted a years long manhunt for the rapper in 2014.  He was finally caught in 2017 and sentenced 2 years for conspiracy to traffic and unlawful use of a cellphone. 


This 5 to 7 year break from making music is what made Escovar change his life and put the streets behind him to focus on his task to go as far in music as possible. 

Escovar is a timeless artist that is enjoyed by people of all ages. His music is Gangster, Witty, Electrifying, Intellectual, Heart Felt, and Sinister.

Escovar not only produces and writes his own music he also mix and masters his music, and his creative essence is in all aspects of his graphic content and music videos. This year Escovar plans to sign a partnership with a major company in hopes to bring all of his creative ideas to life.

Thank you for rocking with Escovar as he promises to release consistent music and content for all his fans to love and enjoy.