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ESCOVAR is a self produced Independent Rapper from Bronx, New York. 

Born to American parents during a time when Hip Hop was fresh full of rich raw culture. All elements of Hip Hop are expressed through Escovar. Escovar was born into Hip Hop culture like most New Yorkers born in the 80's. His Uncle Shambu was a famous Bronx rapper at the time, known as "The First Mc On Wax" who was MC and best friend of the legendary Producer and DJ The 45 King Mark James.

Escovar first began writing music at 10 years old inspired by his favorite group at the time The Wu Tang Clan. He started recording at 19 with his own group The Hoodstars.


Escovar literally used the streets to produce the character he wanted to write about in his raps. Living the life of a independent east coast drug runner, he indulged into all aspects of street life while learning all aspects of music creation, art, and business...


Escovar is a timeless artist that is enjoyed by people of all ages. His music is Gangster, Witty, Electrifying, Intellectual, Heart Felt, and Sinister.

Escovar not only produces and writes his own music he also mix and masters his music, and his creative essence is in all aspects of his graphic content and music videos.

Trap Goat is Escovar's Official debut album its available everywhere please listen and share...


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