LeVar Shelden Dale born June 6, 1984 better known by his stage name ESCOVAR (formerly King Varciti) is an American rapper, Executive Producer, Video editor, Content creator and CEO of RoadRunnaRecords.


In 2016 he released Spazzmatic which streamed well into the 100,000’s without much promotion due to his incarceration. In 2021 he has released a mixtape High School dropout and shortly after an album Life and Crimes of Escovar.

Both receiving great independent success with the hit song Trio receiving Millions of Youtube views.



Escovar was born in Brentwood Ny and was raised in Orlando Fl. His mother Terrie Asheber and late father Gerard Dale are both African American. Escovar’s father died when he was 16 at a labor day cookout from a sudden heart attack. Escovar began his Street career as a drug trafficker spending alot of time in The Bronx & Harlem, where his grandparents lived, west virginia, and Maryland, but his street fame came from East Orlando, Florida where he eventually found his self on the run for R.I.C.O charges. In and out of jail and prison for years Escovar was released in 2019 on Martin Luther King day, retired from the street, he has been putting that hardcore street energy into his music career ever since.




Born into Hip-Hop his uncle was also a rapper named Shambu who was best friends and Artist of Dj Mark the 45 King. “Growing up we saw rappers and heard real stories about rappers all the time so i always knew i could be a rapper too“. 

Influenced by Wutang, Dipset, and artists like JayZ, and LL coolJ, Escovar said he was hypnotized when introduced to Three six mafia. “it was the beats, it was like music dope to me thats all i wanted to rap on.“ When Escovar went by the name VarCity in 2003 he formed his own Rap group called The Hoodstars. The group name was also used by rapper Chingy and then by Nicki Minaj around the same time when the group was touring getting the name out there. It can even be noted that Escovar was one of  the first rappers to drop a single on a drill beat in 2010 with his Worldstar hit “Colt45“. 




Escovar has a long history of crime that’s documented from Florida up the east coast. His first time being detained by police in West Palm beach Florida where he started breaking into homes and stealing from stores at the age of 7. It wasn’t till he was 16 that he would get caught doing crime again. He dropped out of school and got his GED in 12th grade while under investigation at the school for stealing video equipment. His first street job was a liquor booster. He would take orders and steal liquor from liquor stores on the east side of Orlando for money or trade it for drugs to sell. When the drug business grew bigger than his liquor boosting business he put theft to the side and focused on drug pushing. Escovar sold drugs for years until 2013 when his face was on the news for R.I.C.O charges in Florida. He beat the R.I.C.O and was left to face conspiracy trafficking charges. When released he moved back home to The Bronx where has been making a name musically. I asked him how he beat the Rico he said “voodoo“ and laughed. He accredits the streets for giving him “Wealth in Time“ to learn the ins and outs of the music business as well as producing and editing being able to create and distribute his own destiny.


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